Are Exit Tickets and Formative Assessments Getting You Down?

Welcome to Effortless Formative Assessment

Quick Key eliminates hand-grading of quizzes, tests, and formative assessments, even for teachers working in paper-based classrooms, without a computer. With Quick Key, you can spend your time addressing the different learning needs of your students, not messing around with grades and grade books. Quick Key is easy to use, and doesn't require you to change anything about how you teach. But you might, once you discover what you and your students can accomplish when assessment is effortless!

Created by Real Teachers to Solve Real Problems

Since my first day on the job - in 1999 - I've been using computers and the Web to enrich my lessons. I've always embraced technology in my teaching. But a few years ago, I found myself grading ninety assessments per day, and transcribing the results into my school's database. It added eight hours to my workweek! And I wondered: what would happen if teachers got to design the software? I didn't want to wait around for the answer, so last summer I decided to take action. The result is Quick Key, a game-changing smartphone app for teachers.

---Walter O. Duncan IV, 14-year Veteran Teacher

K-12 Software works best when Designed by Educators

The best lesson plans are designed by teachers, and so are the best curricula, and the best assessments. So why is most K-12 software designed by engineers? Quick Key was built on the premise that focus groups and beta tests are not enough: good software for teachers needs to be made by teachers, at every step, at all levels. Our founding team of teachers is working with some of the most talented software designers and developers in the United States, to bring Quick Key to every educator who needs it.

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